Open Balance

The Content Creation Open Balance is a customizable service that provides businesses with a dedicated budget to fulfill their custom content needs and strategies. The service includes post-production, production management, video editing, graphic design, photo editing, and Zoom calls with the creative team, among other features. This service is designed to help businesses create high-quality and engaging content for their marketing and advertising needs, ensuring that they stay competitive and effective in their respective industries. What’s included:

  • Post-production magic to add that final, polished touch to your content

  • Production management to keep your content creation process organized and streamlined

  • Video editing to transform raw footage into dynamic, eye-catching videos that capture your audience's attention

  • Graphic design to create stunning visuals that perfectly align with your brand and message

  • Photo editing to bring out the best in your photos and make them stand out from the rest

  • Zoom calls between your brand representative and our talented creative team, so we can work together to create content that perfectly represents your brand and vision.

75$ / hour open balance without any commitment

67.50$ / hour with Quarterly Commitment and a $4,000 / month minimum budget

$60 / hour with Half a Year Commitment and $4,000 / month minimum budget

$50 / hour with Annual Commitment and $4,000 / month minimum budget